Installing the Rack Model in a Rack Enclosure

Installing the Rack Model in a Rack Enclosure

During this procedure, you must install parts on the rack enclosure and the server. This process can be divided into three parts:

Before you begin

Preparing the Server: In this section, you will use the following parts:


Caution Use safe lifting practices when lifting the machine.

Attention To avoid damage to internal components, use only the pan-head short screws (M4 by 5 mm) included with the Rack Mount Kit.

To prepare the Netfinity 5000 for installation in a rack enclosure:

  1.  Attach the cable-arm bracket to the rear of the server.

    1.  Remove the two screws at the left of the primary power supply.
    2.  Align the cable-arm bracket with the screw holes, keeping the solid arm of the bracket toward the  side of the server. Make sure the openings in the bracket align with the power supply LEDs and the fan.
    3.  Attach the bracket with the two screws you removed in step 1a.

  2.  Attach the inner slide section of each slide rail to the side of the server.

    1.  Pull the inner slide until the safety latch locks.
    2.  Press the safety latch, then, pull the inner slide firmly until it detaches from the outer slide rail.
    3.  Align the holes on the inner slide with the holes on sides of the server, then,  attach the slide with three pan-head short screws (M4 by 5 mm).

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