Installing an HBA diskette file using Pkgadd - IBM ServeRAID-3H and ServeRAID-3L Adapters

Installing an HBA diskette file using Pkgadd

Use this procedure in place of the procedure on page 88 of the IBM Netfinity ServeRAID-3H and ServeRAID-3L Adapters Installation and User's Guide .
There is a change in the spacing for the information that you type in step 2.

  1.  Insert the IBM ServeRAID Device Drivers for SCO Operating Systems Diskette  into the diskette drive:
  2.  Type:

           pkgadd -d /dev/dsk/f0t

  3.  Press Enter.
  4.  When the message Insert diskette into Floppy Drive 1 appears, press Enter.
  5.  When the message Installation of the IBM ServeRAID SCSI IHV HBA (ips) was successful appears,  type: q

  6.  Press Enter, then after the device driver installs, restart the system.

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