IBM ServeRAID fault-tolerant applet - IBM ServeRAID-3H and ServeRAID-3L Adapters

IBM ServeRAID fault-tolerant applet

Note: When you start the applet, if your system does not have hot-plug PCI capability, or you are on a system with hot-plug PCI capability but do not have the corresponding software to use it, a message similar to the following will appear:

WARNING: Could NOT open registry key
'\Software\IBM\Slots\PCI.' Therefore, cannot
enumerate Friendly Slot Numbers.

When this message occurs, click OK and continue. This message does not apply to your configuration.

You also must install the IBM ServeRAID Fault Tolerant Control Panel Applet. You can use the applet to:

To obtain the applet, go to the IBM web page at:

Once you obtain the applet, you must install it. Run the .exe file and follow the instructions on the screen to install the applet.

Once you have installed the applet, you start it by doing the following:
  1.  Click Start Programs, click on Settings, then, click on Control Panel.
  2.  Click IBM Netfinity ServeRAID Failover Applet and the program starts.

Using the applet screen

To use the applet screen, do one of the following:

To exit the applet, click on the either the X in the upper right corner of the applet screen, on OK, or on Cancel.

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