PC Servers - ServeRAID Adapter

(PC Servers 320, 520 and 720 HMM - P/N 83H9618 Form # S83H-9618-00 July-96) 

If you are installing the ServeRAID adapter in an IBM PC Server 320, 330, 520 or 720 model,
you must have the following BIOS levels installed !

Server Model    BIOS level (or higher)
   PC Server 320 8640-Mxx    Revision Level 19A
   PC Server 520 8641-Mxx    Revision Level 19A
   PC Server 720    Revision Level 07

 ServeRAID Adapter

Device Drivers
Administration and Monitoring Utilities

RAID Technology
Starting the ServeRAID Configuration Program
Viewing the ServeRAID Configuration
Performing Common Tasks


Resetting the Adapter Configuration


Running RAID Subsystem Diagnostic Tests
Additional Disk-Array Tasks

Restoring the Disk-Array Configuration
Changing the Write Policy
Formatting Drives
Changing the RAID Parameters

Changing the ServeRAID Adapter Parameters Backplane Jumper

Using the Mini-Configuration Program


ServeRAID Adapter Messages
ServeRAID Adapter Post and Setup Messages
ServeRAID Adapter Status and Error Messages


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