Restoring the Disk-Array Configuration (ServeRAID)

Restoring the Disk-Array Configuration

To restore the disk-array configuration information in the ServeRAID adapter, use the ServeRAID Configuration diskette and an up-to-date Disk Array Configuration Backup diskette.

Note: Because dynamic changes in the configuration of the disk array occur due to hot-spare drive replacement or other drive maintenance activity, the configuration backup information on the diskette might be different from that in the adapter. It is important that you back up the disk-array configuration information frequently, to keep the backup information on the diskette current.

To restore the ServeRAID configuration information:
  1.  Start the ServeRAID configuration program (see 'Starting the ServeRAID Configuration Program')
  2.  Select Advanced Functions from the Main Menu.
  3.  Select Restore config. from diskette.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

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