Unattended Mode of Operation (ServeRAID)

Unattended Mode of Operation

When Unattended Mode is Off, the program waits for user input.

You can enable the adapter to accept changes in the configuration without user input. When this mode is enabled (see 'Changing the RAID Parameters') for information, the adapter pauses briefly to permit a user to override the default action, then the adapter rearranges the configuration information. Unattended mode also clears any blocked logical drives. This mode is useful when the server operates remotely.

The adapter chooses  an action that is equivalent to pressing one of the following function key:

F5: The server continues the startup operation after identifying the drive that is defunct. For example, an HSP drive failed to respond during POST. Startup continues without the HSP drive, its drive state will display as DHS.

F6: When a drive has been removed from the server, for example, for maintenance or security, and was returned, but in a different bay, the adapteradjusts the configuration to the drive's new location.

F7: An adapter with stored configuration information that does not match that of the configured drives present, imports the configuration information from the drives.
The ServeRAID adapter assigns the following priorities to the function keys:

 If this action/key is  |  Priority of actions
      available         |
         F7             |   F7, F6, F5
         F6             |   F6, F5
         F5             |   F5

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