ServeRAID Adapter Messages

ServeRAID Adapter Messages

The following information contains the ServeRAID diagnostic and run-time error messages that might appear during startup of a PC Server disk-array system.

The ServeRAID adapter contains a device-error table that collects statistics on the number and type of errors that occur on a selected hard disk drive. After correcting a problem with the disk array, you should clear the table so that you canidentify any subsequent errors quickly. For more information, see 'Obtaining Drive Status'

All hard disk drives contain unique identifiers, such as the drive serial number and manufacturer Id. During configuration, the ServeRAID adapter stores this information.

The ServeRAID adapter also adds an additional unique identifier, called the host ID, to each hard disk drive that is part of a logical drive. The host ID is a user-defined 12-character string. (See 'Changing the ServeRAID Ad a pter Parameters' for information on assigning a host ID.)

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