How This Book Is Organized

How This Book Is Organized

'Introduction to Shared Disk Clustering', provides basic information to help you understand the purpose and physical structure of shared-disk clusters.
This information will help you design a cost-effective, shared-disk cluster that meets your needs today, while providing flexible expansion capabilities for the future.

'Shared-Disk Hardware Examples', contains illustrations, descriptions, and parts listings for several high-availability, shared-disk cluster examples.
These cost-effective clusters consist exclusively of IBM Netfinity and PC Server products.

'Selecting Servers and Enclosures', provides general information about the IBM servers, storage enclosures, and optional devices used to create the high-availability, shared-disk cluster examples that appear in Chapter 2 of this reference.

'Notices', contains special notices, such as the trademarks used in this book.

Related Information

The IBM Server Paper Configurator Guide  provides detailed configuration information and part numbers for currently marketed IBM Netfinity and PC Server products.
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