Software Considerations

Software Considerations

The shared-disk cluster examples that appear in this reference are designed for use with the high-availability features of the IBM ServeRAID II Ultra SCSI Adapter, the IBM Netfinity ServeRAID-3H Ultra2 SCSI Adapter, or the IBM Netfinity Fibre Channel RAID Controller using the clustering programs provided in the Netfinity Cluster Pack by Vinca, IBM Part Number 01K8018.

This section also provides the instructions needed to modify the cluster examples for use with Microsoft Cluster Server.
The Microsoft Cluster Server software requires the use of a quorum drive, which is a shared logical drive that both servers can use to store and retrieve data.

Important Quorum Information

Note: You must  use Channel 3 of the ServeRAID adapters that connect to the quorum logical drive as a dedicated quorum-arbitration link. Do not connect any other devices to this channel.

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