Checking the Availibility of a Drive

Checking the Availability of a Drive

Note: Make sure the ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring Utility is installed on your server.
If you need to install it, refer to the 'IBM ServeRAID Adapter Installation and User's Guide' for instructions.

To check the availability of a hard disk drive on another server, do the following:

  1. From the Administration and Monitoring Utility screen, click the   icon on the tool bar or select
    High Availability from the Advanced pull-down menu and then select View Shared Devices.

     A screen similar to the following appears.

  2.  Click the box to Enable View Shared Devices.
  3.  Select the channel that the hard disk drive you want to check is connected to.

    Note: This procedure can determine only if ONL Devices are available.

  4.  Select the bay the hard disk drive that you are checking is connected to.

     Click Refresh Now. If the hard disk drive is available for use, it will appear as RDY (Ready) on the  Administration and Monitoring Utility screen.
     If the hard disk drive is not available for use, meaning that it is owned by the other server, it will appear as RSV (Reserved) on  the Administration and Monitoring Utility screen.

     All of the other hard disk drives owned by the other server also will appear as RSV at this time.

    Note: Hot-spare drives owned by the other server will not display as RSV.
     Care must be used to make sure that the other servers hot-spare drives are not used inadvertently by both servers.

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