Adding Hard Disk Drives to a Cluster

Adding Hard Disk Drives to a Cluster

If you add hard disk drives to a cluster, do the following:
  1.  Install the hard disk drives in the server or shared expansion enclosure. For information, refer to the  documentation that is included with the hard disk drive and the server.
  2.  Configure and set up the hard disk drives for the ServeRAID adapter.
     Refer to the 'IBM ServeRAID Adapter Installation and User's Guide' for instructions.

    Note: If the drives will be shared, define only one logical drive per array.

  3.  After creating a logical drive, a screen similar to the following appears.
     Select Yes and a screen similar to the following appears.
  4.  Select shared or nonshared for the logical drive you have just defined.
  5.  Select the Merge Group number you want to use for the drive you just defined.
  6.  Click OK when you are finished for the changes to take effect.

    Note: Depending on the operating system, additional steps, such as assigning drive letters,  partitioning, formatting, and creating cluster resources, will be required to use the new logical  drive to store programs and data.
     For information, see 'Creating a ServeRAID II Disk Resource on a ServeRAID II Server with MSCS'.

  -Attention- Drives that are configured by one adapter in the pair must appear as RDY (ready) drives to the other adapter in the pair.
The same must also be true in reverse. Be sure to verify this consideration when drives are added after the servers are started.
Restart the servers, or scan for new devices, or set the drives to RDY state using the RAID Administration and Monitoring Utility after adding new drives to a server.
For more information, see 'ServeRAID II Considerations'.

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