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About This Book

This book provides the information needed to install and configure an IBM ServeRAID-3H Ultra2 SCSI Adapter or an IBM ServeRAID-3L Ultra2 SCSI Adapter.
You also can use the configuration and reference information in this book to configure the IBM ServeRAID controllers provided on some IBM Netfinity and PC Server system boards.

How This Book Is Organized

Chapter 1, 'Getting Started', contains introductory information about the IBM ServeRAID-3H and ServeRAID-3L adapters, a content listing for the adapter option packages, an installation overview, and general information about RAID technology.

Chapter 2, 'Installing and Cabling the Adapter', provides information about the standard features of the ServeRAID-3H and ServeRAID-3L adapters, and instructions for installing and cabling the adapters.

Chapter 3, 'Using the Configuration Programs', explains how to use the IBM ServeRAID Configuration Program and the IBM ServeRAID Mini-Configuration Program.
You can refer to the information in this chapter when configuring one or more devices attached to a ServeRAID adapter or controller.

Chapter 4, 'Installing Device Drivers and Utility Programs', contains the instructions needed to install the ServeRAID device drivers and programs provided on the IBM ServeRAID Configuration CD and diskettes that came with the ServeRAID adapters.

Chapter 5, 'Starting and Using the Utility Programs', contains instructions for starting and using the ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring, IPSSEND, and IPSMON programs.
You can use these operating-system specific programs to maintain and monitor your ServeRAID subsystem.

Chapter 6, 'Solving ServeRAID Problems', describes the ServeRAID POST error codes and startup messages. This chapter also includes some basic information about rebuilding a defunct drive.

Chapter 7, 'Getting Help, Service, and Information', provides information about accessing the IBM Bulletin Boards, HelpCenter, and World Wide Web sites to obtain future code and information updates for the ServeRAID adapters and controllers.

Appendix A, 'Product Warranties and Notices', contains warranty information, product notices, and trademarks.

Notices Used in This Book

This book contains notices to highlight information as follows:

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