Installing IPSSEND for DOS

Installing IPSSEND for DOS

To install IPSSEND for DOS:

  1.  Create a startable diskette. To do this, insert a blank diskette in diskette drive A; then, type:

      format a: /s

  2.  Press Enter.
  3.  Copy the IPSSEND.EXE file from the DOS directory on the IBM ServeRAID Command Line Programs Diskette  to the startable diskette.
  4.  Install the ASPI device driver on the startable diskette.
     To do this, insert the IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette  in diskette drive A; then, type:


  5.  Press Enter. Specify a:\ as the Source Drive and a:\ as the Target Path; then,  follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  6.  Leaving the startable diskette in the diskette drive, restart the system; then,  refer to Chapter 5, 'Starting and Using the Utility Programs' for information to start and use the  IPSSEND program.

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