ServeRAID ISPR, BCS, and ECS Codes

ServeRAID ISPR, BCS, and ECS Codes

Once the ServeRAID POST completes, register information appears on the screen in hexadecimal format, as follows:

Hardware: ISPR=aaaa BCS=bb ECS=cc

ISPR displays the four digit Interrupt Status Report Register code, BCS displays the Basic Configuration Status Register code, and ECS displays the Extended Configuration Status Register code.

If no errors occur:
ISPR (aaaa)     = EF10
   BCS (bb)     = 0F or 09
   ECS (cc)     = 00

If an error occurs, refer to: 'ISPR (Interrupt Status Port Register) Codes' for the ISPR error codes and 'Basic and Extended Configuration Status Codes' for the BCS and ECS error codes.

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