SCSI Cable Length

SCSI Cable Lengths

The tape library comes with the SCSI cables to connect the tape library controller to the tape drives.
The SCSI cable to connect the host to the tape library controller must be supplied by the installer.
(Below) Figure 4 lists the available SCSI cables and lengths.
The following are the maximum combined cable lengths for the host-to-tape library controller SCSI cables:

Note: These SCSI cable lengths are approximate and do not include the internal cable lengths, which effectively shorten the host-to-tape library cable lengths.

The internal SCSI cable length for the controller is approximately 6 in. (15.3 cm).
The length for the internal SCSI cable for each drive is approximately 12 in. (30.5 cm).
The length for a cable to connect a tape drive to the controller is approximately 12 in. (30.5 cm).
As an example, in a configuration with two tape drives with a daisy-chain connection to the controller, the reduction in length of the host-to-controller cable is approximately 54 in. (137.2 cm).

Figure 4. Table 5. SCSI Cables for RS/6000 and PC 

Feature Code
Cables for RS/6OOO
Length Part Number
2845 2 ft (0.6 m) 52G4291
2846 8 ft (2.5 m) 52G4233
2878 14 ft(4.5m) 88G5749
2879 39 ft (12.0 m) 88G5747
2880 59 ft (18.0 m) 88G5746
Feature Code
Cables for PC
Length Part Number
Not applicable 14 ft (4.5 m) 49G6457

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