The SCSI bus is not terminated internally by the drives or tape library electronics.
Termination must be installed or present at both ends of the SCSI bus.
On the library and tape drive end of the bus, bus termination is supplied by a terminator plug supplied in the ship group.
This terminator must be plugged on one of the connectors of the last device on the bus.
Termination at the host end is typically supplied by the SCSI adapter card.

The tape library is available as either a single-ended or differential SCSI device.
Single-ended and differential SCSI devices require different terminators.
The tape drives in the tape library are clearly marked as to the type of device.
Make sure that the correct terminator is installed for the type of SCSI device:

(Below) Figure 5 shows what the single-ended and differential SCSI labels on the tape library look like.


Figure 5. SCSI Labels 

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