Base Library Problem MAP

Base Library Problem MAP

Turn off the power to the library.

Step 1

Did you observe a broken component (such as a belt, shuttle, or cable)?
Yes    Replace the Base Library
     (see 'Removing and Replacing a Base Tape Library'.
    No    Go to Step 2.

Step 2

Did you observe excessive dust or debris in the base tape library unit?
Yes    Use a lint-free cotton cloth to clean the base unit.
     Do not use any oils or chemicals. Go to Step 5 when finished.
    No    Go to Step 4.

Step 3

Do the cartridges bear correct external labels, but the operator panel or host
system message indicates 'No Label'?
Yes    Replace the bar code reader
     (see 'Removing and Replacing the Bar Code Reader').
     Then, go to Step 5.
    No    Go to Step 4.

Step 4

Did you observe a component that you can repair (such as a shuttle drive belt)
that is loose or out of adjustment?
Yes    If a drive belt appears to be loose, locate the tension arm
     adjustment screw on the left side of the library chassis near
     the front as you face the library.
     Tighten the tension arm adjustment screw. Do not over tighten.
     These belts are set and adjusted at the factory, and are intended
     to maintain the adjustment over the product life.
     Go to Step 5 when finished.
    No    Reenter the Start MAP using an error code or new symptom.
     If you do not have a symptom, go to
     'Problem and Error Code Recreation MAP'.

Step 5

Turn on the power to the library.

With the top cover still removed (if accessible), see
'Library Exerciser, Diagnostic, and Fix Verify Selections' and select
a library exerciser that is appropriate.
When finished, go to 'End of Call'.

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