DLT Diagnostic - DLT7000 Read/Write Test

DLT DIAGNOSTIC - DLT7000 ReadlWrite Test

Load the tape drive that is to be tested using this diagnostic with a digital linear tape cartridge.
It is recommended that the DLT7000 tape drive be loaded manually to avoid any possibility of loading the wrong tape cartridge.
USE ONLY THE CE CARTRIDGE FOR THIS TEST. Any data on the cartridge will be overwritten.

After you select DLT DIAGNOSTIC from the diagnostic selection menu on the operator panel, on the screen that follows select the SCSI ID of the DLT7000 tape drive that you want to perform the read/write test.
If a cartridge is present in the tape drive, the library initiates a Send Diagnostic command to the drive.
The test runs for approximately five minutes. After completed, success or failure of the test is posted and a query is presented asking whether to unload the tape drive.

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