Updating the Tape Library Firmware Using the Serial Port

Updating the Tape Library Firmware Using the Serial Port

The following equipment and software are required to update a new version of the tape library firmware using the serial port:

To update the library firmware using the serial port:

  1.  Connect the female end of the null modem cable to the PC or laptop, then connect the male end to the serial port at the rear of the tape library.
  2.  Turn on the power to the PC or laptop.
  3.  Turn on the power to the tape library.

      -Attention- The tape library must be in remote diagnostic mode to communicate  with the PC or laptop (see 'Enabling the Remote Diagnostic Mode').

  4.  Make sure that the tape library is in remote diagnostic mode.
  5.  Do one of the following:

  6.  At the prompt ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CHANGE FIRMWARE?, type Y (for yes).

     The tape library erases the alternate flash memory bank.
     If the upload is unsuccessful, the current flash memory bank will remain active; the procedure  does not allow the switching of flash memory banks to occur.
     After the tape library successfully erases the alternate flash memory bank, it displays a message that  indicates it is ready to upload the firmware.

  7.  Select the option in the communication program that enables a text or ASCII file to be uploaded.
  8.  Enter the name of the drive, directory, and file to be uploaded. For example:

      a:\150.asc (for a diskette drive)
      c:\firmdirc\150.asc (for a hard drive)

     The tape library uploads the update file. Depending on the speed of the PC or laptop, the upload normally  takes approximately 20 minutes.

     When the upload is complete, an upload status message displays, and the tape library automatically re-boots.
     The new firmware immediately takes effect.

  9.  You can repeat this procedure to ensure that both flash memory banks contain the same new level of firmware.
     However, it may be more valuable to retain the previous level of firmware in the new alternate flash memory bank if you want  to return to this level of firmware.
     The banks do not switch automatically. They must be switched by using the Remote Diagnostic menu.

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