Cleaning the Heads

Cleaning the Heads

The DLT7000 tape drive does not require periodic or scheduled cleaning based on time or usage.
When the heads in a tape drive need to be cleaned, the tape library displays a message on the operator panel and also informs the host computer over the SCSI channel.
Use a digital linear tape cleaning cartridge to clean the tape heads.
Figure 31 lists conditions for when to use the cleaning cartridge.

Note: The cleaning cartridge expires after 20 uses.

Figure 31. When to Use the Cleaning Cartddge 

If... It Means... And You Should...
The Use Cleaning Tape light
comes on.
The drive head needs
cleaning or the tape is
Use the cleaning cartridge. To use the robotic
shuttle to load the cleaning cartridge, see
'Using the Operator Panel to Move a Tape Cartridge'.
To manually load the cleaning cartridge, follow
the instructions in Chapter 5,
'Using the Operator Panel,' in the 3447 and
7337 Digital Linear Tape Library Setup and
Operator Guide.
When cleaning completes, the Use Cleaning
Tape light turns off and the beeper sounds for
you to remove the cleaning cartridge.
A specific data cartridge
continually causes the Use
Cleaning Tape light to blink.
The data cartridge may
be damaged.
Back up this data onto another cartridge. Discard
the old cartridge, which may be damaged.
A damaged cartridge may cause unnecessary use
of the cleaning cartridge.
The Use Cleaning Tape light is
still on after you clean the drive
Your data cartridge may
be causing the problem.
Try another data cartridge.
The Use Cleaning Tape light
comes on after you load the
cleaning cartridge.
Cleaning has not been
done and the cartridge is
Replace the cleaning cartridge.

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