Perform the Default AIX Installation

Perform the Default AIX Installation

  1.  Insert the Tape Device Driver/AIX Enhanced diskette into the diskette drive on the workstation.

    Note: You must have root authority to perform the commands in this section.

  2.  Using the installp utility, enter the following command from the command line:

            installp -ac -d /dev/rfd0 Atape.driver
    Note: To reinstall the same version of the Atape driver, use the installp command with the -F flag to force the installation.
     The command automatically deconfigures any devices from the device driver and reconfigures them after the new driver is installed.

  3.  Enter the following command to determine whether the Atape device driver has been committed (accepted):

            lslpp -l Atape.driver
      Note: This command also lists the currently installed version of the Atape driver.

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