Specifications - Netfinity 8500R - Type 8681

  Specifications for the Netfinity 8500R Server.



Electrical input


Electrostatic discharge


Acoustical noise emission values

Declared (upper limit) sound power levels

Mean value of the A-weighted sound pressure levels
at the bystander (1 meter) position

Heat output

Safety standards


  1.  These levels are measured in controlled acoustical environments according to ISO 7779,  and are reported in accordance with ISO 9296.
     The declared sound power levels indicate an upper limit, below which a large portion of machines operate.
  2.  These values apply to a random sample of machines.
  3.  There is no impulsive noise, and there are no prominent tones.
  4.  For additional information on the Netfinity 8500R server (tower option), refer to IBM Netfinity  Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit Installation Instructions.

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