I/O / Processor / Memory - Board - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

System Netfinity 8500R - Type 8681

< - (see picture) I/O-Board
1 Midplane connector
2 I/O function-card slot
3 Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) connectors
4 Advanced System Management PCI adapter slot
5 USB 1 and USB 2 port connectors
6 PCI switch-card connector

7 Hot-plug, 64-bit, PCI slots 10-12
(bus A, 33 MHz)

8 Hot-plug, 64-bit, PCI slots 8-9
(bus B, 66 MHz)

9 Hot-plug, 64-bit, PCI slots 6-7
(bus C, 66 MHz)

10 Hot-plug, 64-bit, PCI slots 1-5
(bus D, 33 MHz)

11 Hot-plug external attention/fail LED
for PCI bus.
(green blink == attention
amber == defective PCI adapter)

12 Hot-plug internal attention/fail LED
for PCI slot.
(green blink == attention
amber == defective PCI adapter)

13 Hot-plug power LED for PCI slot
(green solid, on)

< - (see picture) Processor-controller Board
1 Midplane connector
2 Processor-cage release latches (4x)

3 Processor-daughterboard slot B connector
(secondary slot)

4 Cache coherency filter-card connectors
5 Processor core-frequency selection jumper block
6 LED card connector

7 Processor-daughterboard slot A connector
(primary slot)

< - (see picture) Processor-daughterboard
(The server supports two processor daughterboards.)
1 Processor-controller board connector
(on opposite side of processor daughterboard)

< - (see picture) Memory Board
(The server supports two memory boards.)
1 Midplane connector
2 DIMM connectors (J1-J16)

The server uses 100 MHz, 168-pin, PC100 registered synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM), industry-standard DIMMs with error checking and correction (ECC).

Memory expansion

DIMM size 16
(1 Board)
(2 Boards)
128 MB 2 GB 4 GB
256 MB 4 GB 8 GB
512 MB 8 GB 16 GB

Memory Installation Requirements

DIMM sizes 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB
DIMM poulation order for a
single board configuration -
standard memory board (A)
A1, A5, A9, A13, A3, A7, A11,
A15, A2, A6, A10, A14, A4, A8,
A12, A16
DIMM poulation order for a
dual board configuration -
standard memory board (A) and
optional memory board (B)
A1/B1, A5/B5, A9/B9, A13/B13,
A3/B3, A7/B7, A11/B11,
A15/B15, A2/B2, A6/B6,
A10/B10, A14/B14, A4/B4,
A8/B8, A12/B12, A16/B16


  1.  The 100 MHz DIMMs support the registered mode of operation.
  2.  Install DIMMs with a maximum height of 4.32cm (1.7 inches).
  3.  The server comes with one standard (preinstalled) memory board  (A), and one or more DIMMs installed on this memory board.
     You can install an optional memory board (B).
     Both the standard memory board (A) and the optional memory board (B)  contain 16 DIMM connectors (J1-J16)
  4.  When you install DIMMs in both the standard memory board (A) and  the optional memory board (B), you must install them in matching pairs  with the same part number, in the same slot on each memory board;
     for example: J1/J1, J5/J5, J9/J9 ... and so on.

< - (see picture) SCSI - Backplane
1 Media power connector
2 Wide (16-bit) SCSI connector

3 SCSI Hot-swap drive connector
(on opposite side of backplane)

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