Memory board component locations - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Memory board component locations

The following simplified layout of a memory board identifies the components.
The server supports two memory boards.

Note: The memory board might look slightly different, depending on the hardware that comes with the server.


-1- Midplane connector
-1-2-3 up to 16- DIMM connectors (J1-J16)

See 'DIMM and memory board installation' for instructions on installing a DIMM on a memory board, and installing a memory board in the server.

  1.  The 100 MHz DIMMs support the registered mode of operation.
  2.  Install DIMMs with a maximum height of 4.32 cm (1.7 inches).
  3.  The server comes with one standard memory board (A), and one or more DIMMs installed on  this memory board. You can install an optional memory board (B).
     Both the standard memory board (A) and the optional memory board (B) contain 16 DIMM connectors (J1-J16).
  4.  When you install DIMMs in both the standard memory board (A) and the optional memory  board (B), you must install them in matching pairs with the same part number, in the same slot  on each memory board; for example, J1/J1, J5/J5, J9/J9, and so on.
  5.  The connector identifiers located on both the standard (A) and the optional (B) memory boards are J1-J16.
     To distinguish the two memory boards, use the labels provided on the processor housing assembly.
     These labels refer to the connector identifiers as A1-A16 on the standard memory board, and B1-B16 on the optional memory board.
  6.  The server comes with a system label on the server cover.  The numbers located to the right of the memory boards on the system label do not indicate DIMM connector identifiers.
     These numbers indicate the DIMMs; for example, -1- means the first DIMM that you install, -9- means  the ninth DIMM that you install, and so on.

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