3516 FRU P/N

DASD Hot-Swap Storage Expansion Enclosure - (SCSI)
Index    FRU P/N
1 200 Watt Power Supply (115/230 Vac)    92F0411
2 Hot Swap Rack (1 bay)    61G3527
3 3-Tray Adapter (Top)    71G0208
4 3-Tray Adapter (Bottom)    71G0209
5 Cover Assembly    06H2605
   Keylock Assembly    61G2177
6 Pedestal    61G2174
7 Adapter Card Ass., not Terminated    61G3835
   Adapter Card Ass. Terminated  
   (bottom card for 71G0209)    71G0216
8 Microswitch Shaft  
   (for 71G0208, 71G0209 and 61G3527)    61G3838
   Microswitch Housing  
   (for 71G0208, 71G0209)    61G3837
9 Hot Swap Rack Rail    71G4982
10 Microswitch Cable Assembly    71G4981
11 Internal SCSI Cable Assembly (7x)    06H2601
12 Drive Power Cable Assembly (3x)    06H2602
13 Power-good Cable    06H3246
14 68 Position Tray Assembly    71G0212
15 1GB SCSI F/W Hard Disk  
   (Drive Tray Address Cable)    71G0215
   Hard Disk Tray (w/ Switch)    06H3274
16 1GB SCSI F/W Hard Disk Drive    71G5040
17 Fan Assembly    71G0217
18 Base Frame Assembly    06H2604
   1-Meter External 68/68 Cable  
   (68-pin / ext.connector Type-C)    06H3231
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit    06H3241
   ° Blank Bracket Screws (2x)  
   ° EMC Springs (2x)  
   ° Fan Mounting Screws (2x)  
   ° Power Supply Mounting Screws (2x)  
   ° Power Switch Mounting Screws (2x)  
   ° Stand-off (2x)  
   ° EMC Springs (2x)  

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