Bezel replace / C2 - problem

A small amount of PC 330 & 730 machines where shipped with incorrect working COVER LOCK mechanism.
To correct this situation, you have to replace the BEZEL.
(The incorrect working BEZEL has no latch spring installed, (inside BEZEL - nearby the keylock)).

This is the FRU P/N list for NEW FRONT BEZELs and LABELs. for the PC 330 and 730.

  06H6994  3X3 Front Bezel FRU with label
  8131253  3x3 Front Bezel FRU w/o label.
  8131252  3x3 Front Bezel FRU - 30 PACK w/o labels
           Labels must be ordered separately
           for FRUs 8131252 & 8131253
           330-450SX2 LABEL  06H5462
           330-433DX  LABEL  06H5464
           330-450DX2 LABEL  06H5466
           330-486DX2 LABEL  06H5468
           330-100DX4 LABEL  06H5470
           330-P60    LABEL  06H5472
           330-P75    LABEL  06H7557
           330-P90    LABEL  06H7559
           330-P100   LABEL  06H7561
           730-P90    LABEL  06H5474
           730-P100   LABEL  06H5476

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