Memory Problems 80286 to 80486 Computers


  1.  Power-off the computer and wait 5 seconds.
  2.  Power-on the computer.
  3.  Make a note of any POST errors you receive.
     (Disregard the 164 memory size errors.)

  Yes   No-+002|Press F1 to continue.
   |       +---+- Run the memory tests.
   |              Use the RUN TESTS ONE TIME option.
   |             +---+
   |    Yes   No-+003|Follow the instructions on the display.
   |     |       +---+
   |   +-+-+
   |   |004|
   |   +---+
   |    Your computer memory is now functioning correctly.
   |    If you suspect an intermittent problem, start an error
   |    log using a DOS formatted diskette.

NOTE: Power-off the computer before removing or replacing parts !
Press F1 to continue.
- Run the memory tests. Use the RUN TESTS ONE TIME option. If you cannot run the memory test or the test does not find a problem, use the following procedure to find a problem.

  1.  Using a known good memory pack, exchange each  pack, one at a time, and repeat the memory  diagnostics test until you find the defective pack  (256KB and 1MB packs are not interchangeable).  Replace only the defective packs.
  2.  If all memory packs have been exchanged, and the  problem remains, replace the system board.

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