Beep Symptoms AT Bus (PS/1 Aptiva)

Symptom/Error:    FRU/Action.
   One long, two or three short beeps 1. System Board
   during POST (Video POST error)     (If Aptiva check Opt.Video-memory)
  2. Display Adapter
  3. System Board
   One long, one short beeps 1. (Aptiva) SIMM memory
      If Aptiva C-1 type reseat Memory SIMM(s)
      If Aptiva C-2 type check SIMM size/order
  2. Memory SIMM
   Two short beeps and 1. (Aptiva) Clock-Battery <2.8 Vdc
   blank/unreadable/distorted Monitor image 2. Monitor
  3. I/O monitor signal connection
  4. System Board
      If Aptiva C-2 system check
      SIMM size/order
  5. Memory SIMM
   More than one beep during POST 1. System Board
  2. Any Adapter
   Continuous beep 1. System Board
   Repeating short beeps 1. Keyboard (stuck key ?)
  2. Keyboard Connector/Cable
  3. System Board

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