Symptom/Error:    FRU/Action.
   Blank or unreadable display 1. System Board
   (Check display) 2. Power Supply
  3. Display Adapter
  4. Display Assembly
  5. System Board Video Cable
   Other display problems 1. System Board
   (Check display) 2. Display Adapter
  3. Display
  4. System Board Video Cable
   Insert Diskette Icon appears, or 1. Diskette Drive
   system enters BASIC 2. System Board
  3. Diskette Cable
  4. Network Adapter
   Bad Diskette Icon 1. Diskette
  2. Diskette Drive
  3. System Board
  4. Diskette Cable
   Incorrect memory size during POST 1. System Board
   or Parity CHECK 1 (Check memory)  
   Parity CHECK 2 (Check memory) 1. Adapter Memory
  2. Memory Adapter
  3. Bus Adapter
  4. System Board
   Serial or Parallel port device 1. Device (self test OK ?)
   failure 2. System Board
  3. Bus Adapter
   XXXX ROM Error 1. Any Adapter
   Some or all of the keys on the 1. Keyboard
   do not work. 2. System Board
  3. Keyboard Cable
   Real Time Clock loses time. 1. Bus Adapter
   (This is not always a hardware 2. Clock Module
   failure. See 'Real-Time Clock 3. System Board

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