Infrared Connector (Sys-Board Connector Series-700)

Infrared Connector (IR) Sys-Board Connector PC 700-Series 6877-6887 Server-310

The transceiver (FRU P/N 76H3294 - OPT P/N 76H3228) plugs into this connector and provides a link of up to one meter at a rate of 115 kilobits-per-second (Kbps). The IR connector uses any of the same four port assignments as the serial port.

9-pin female D-shell

Pin Signal
1 IR transmitted data (output)
2 Signal ground
3 Reserved
4 IR module select 0 (Ground)
5 IR module select 1 (Ground)
6 IR received data (input)
7 Voltage (5Vdc)
8 IR module select 2 (Ground)
9 Reserved

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