9585-xKx 9585-xNx (Server 85) Board Locations

9585-xKx 9585-xNx (Server 85) System Board

1 32-bit Expansion Slots (Video J9,J11)
2 Internal SCSI Connector
3 External SCSI Connector
4 Parallel Port
5 Remote Power-on Jumper
6 Serial Port
7 Pointing Device Connector
8 Keyboard Connector
9 Memory Module Connectors
10 Tamper Evident Connector
11 Power Supply Connector
12 Processor
13 Cache Connector
14 Diskette Drive Connector
15 Password Override Connector (JMP1)
16 Control Panel Connector
17 Battery
18 Privilege Access Password Jumper
19 Server Guard Jumper
(If a server guard is not installed, the
jumper must connect the two PINs closet
to the control-panel connector.)

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