PC Server (8640) Setup Utility (PC Server 3xx)

To use the PC Server (8640) Setup utility, do the following.

  1.  Power-on- the computer.
  2.  During the POST memory test, press and then release the spacebar, then release the Ctrl+Alt+S key simultaneously. Or, in a DOS full screen, press then release the Ctrl+Alt+S keys  (this key combination will not work in an OS/2 DOS box.)
  3.  The 'Standard System Parameters' screen will appear.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen to view or change the configuration.
  5.  Press Esc from any screen in the setup utility. The 'Exiting Setup' pop-up screen will appear.
  6.  Press F4 to save the configuration information and restart the server.

 +---- Important --------------------------------------+
 | °  When configuring a PC Server (8640), you must    |
 |    correctly exit the Setup utility to save the     |
 |    configuration information.                       |
 | °  If a configuration error occurs during POST, a   |
 |    configuration error message appears before the   |
 |    operating system loads. (Press F1 to bypass the  |
 |    error).                                          |
 | °  Do not start the Setup Utility while using the   |
 |    EISA configuration program (diskette).           |

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