SCSI/Non-SCSI Error Code Format

SCSI/Non-SCSI Error Code Format

This section provides an explanation of the encoded SCSI and non SCSI POST error codes and detailed information about each code.

Error messages are displayed on the screen as three, four, five, eight, twelve or thirteen digits. An X in an error message can be any number. Some digits will represent different information for SCSI errors versus non SCSI errors.

The following figure shows which digits display the shorter POST errors. The figure also defines additional SCSI information:


   |--+||||| |-+|
   |  |||||| | |+--- Test state
   |  |||||| | +---- Error code Extension
   |  |||||| +------ Qualifier
   |  ||||||
   |  |||||+-------- Bus (0=internal 1=external)
   |  ||||+--------- Capacity of the device
   |  |||+---------- Slot number of the device
   |  ||+----------- LUN (usually 0)
   |  |+------------ PUN (SCSI ID #)
   |  |
   |  +------------- Device Number
   +---------------- Reserved Digit (usually 0)

As an example, if you have SCSI error code 021050A0, each digit decodes as follows:

Digit Information
0 Reserved digit (usually 0)
210 Device number 210 indicates hard disk
5 SCSI ID assigned is 5
0 Logical Unit Number (not used, usually 0)
A The device capacity is 60MB (A=60MB)
0 The device is connected to the internal bus

RDDD Codes for Adapters

RDDD Device Type or Information
0037 SCSI on the System board
0096 SCSI adapter with cache
0112 SCSI adapter w/o cache
0206 SCSI-2 adapter

RDDD Codes for Devices

RDDD Device Type or Information
0208 Unknown device type
0209 Direct access - removable media, and/or other than 512 byte blocks
0210 Direct access - hard disk, 512 byte blocks
0211 Sequential access (tape)
0212 Printer
0213 Processor
0214 Write Once, Read Multiple (W.O.R.M.)
0215 Read only (CD-ROM)
0216 Scanner
0217 Optical Memory (read/write optical disk)
0218 Changer (multiple tray CD-ROM)
0219 Communications

B Codes

B Device Type or Information
0 Dual SCSI adapter (internal bus)
1 Dual SCSI adapter (external bus)

QEET 0000 Codes

PLSC QEET Information
0100 0000 On systems with NVRAM, SCSI setup data not located, or the checksum did not
verify. On systems w/o NVRAM (Model 8550 for example), setup data must be on the 1st hard disk.
0200 0000 Configuration error. No hard disk found at PUN 6, LUN 0 for 161, 162, 165 system error path.
Might be an unsupported configuration.
0300 0000 No space available in extended BIOS data area for SCSI data table (possibly to many adapters installed).
0400 0000 ROM modules not found on adapter (IML based systems only). Running setup might correct it.
0500 0000 ROM checksum error on 2nd 16K portion of 32K ROM
0600 0000 ROM access control port error

QEET Errors (other than 0000)
These are specific QEET error codes (preceded by a DDD indicating an adapter).

A number in slot S indicates an error on the adapter, (or device attached to the adapter) in slot S If S is 0, suspect the system board.

QEET Information
001x 8032/80188/80C186 ROM test failure
002x Local RAM test failure
003x Bad fuse, or bad termination, or local RAM address failure on SCSI adapter
if RDDD is 0112.
004x Internal peripheral test failure
005x Buffer control chip test failure, or LTB failed, (or system-board SCSI failed
if RDDD is 0037.
006x Undefined error condition, or buffer RAM test failure on SCSI adapter if RDDD is 0096
007x System interface control chip test failure
008x SCSI internal interface test failed
00Ax SCSI external interface test failed
107x Adapter hardware failure
10Cx Command failed
10Ex Command error (invalid command or parameter)
10Fx Sequencing error
110x Adapter internal error log contains entries. (Reported if no other errors on adapter exist.)
180x Time out
181x Adapter busy error
182x Unexpected interrupt presented by adapter
183x Adapter register test failure
184x Adapter reset failure
185x Adapter buffer test failure (on cached adapters)
186x Adapter reset count expired
187x Adapter registers not cleared on reset
188x Card ID in adapter microcode did not match ID in POS registers
190x Expected device did not respond
19Yx DMA arbitration level conflict (Y=assigned arbitration level)
220x Adapter hardware error
221x Global timeout on adapter (device did not respond)
222x Adapter DMA error
223x Adapter buffer defective
224x Command aborted by adapter
301x Invalid parameter in SCB
303x Command not supported
304x Command aborted by system
305x Command rejected (buffer not disabled)
306x Command rejected (Adapter diagnostic failure)
307x Format rejected
308x Assign rejected (command in process)
309x Assign rejected (device already assigned)
30Ax Command rejected (device not assigned)
30Bx Command rejected (maximum LBA exceeded)
30Cx Command rejected (16 bit card slot address range exceeded)
313x Invalid device for command
3FFx Status not returned by adapter
401x Recovered error (not an error condition)
402x Device not ready
403x Device medium error
404x Device hardware error
405x Illegal request for device
406x Device unit attention would not clear
407x Device data protect error
409x Device vendor unique error
40Ax Copy operation aborted by device
40Bx Device command aborted
40Cx Device search data command satisfied
40Dx Device volume overview (residual data remains in buffer)
40Ex Device mismatch (source data did not match medium data)
500x Check condition on device, no sense data returned
501x No index or sector
502x Seek incomplete
503x Write fault
504x Drive not ready
505x Drive not selected
506x No track zero found
507x Multiple drives selected
508x Logical unit communication failure
509x Head positioning error (track following error)
510x CRC or ECC error in ID field
511x Unrecoverable read error
512x No address mark (ID field)
512x No address mark (data field)
514x Record not found
515x Seek error
516x Data synchronization error
517x Recoverable read error
518x ECC recovered read error
519x Defect list error
51Ax Parameter overrun
51Bx Synchronous transfer error
51Cx Primary defect list not found
51Dx Compare error
520x Invalid command
521x Illegal logical block address (LBA)
522x Illegal function for device type
524x Illegal command block field
525x Invalid LUN
526x Illegal field in parameter list
528x Media changed
529x Power-on or bus device reset occurred (not an error)
52Ax Mode select parameters changed (not an error)
531x Media format corrupted
532x Defect spare location unavailable
540x Device RAM failure
541x Data path diagnostic failure
542x Power-on diagnostic failure
543x Message rejected
544x Internal controller error
545x Device was unable to reconnect
547x Interface parity error
548x Initiator detected error
549x Illegal command or command out of sequence error
5F0x Format in progress (not an error)
5F1x Spinup in progress
601x SCSI bus reset occurred
602x SCSI interface fault
610x Selection timeout error (device not available)
611x Unexpected bus free
612x Mandatory SCSI message rejected
613x Invalid SCSI phase sequence
620x Short length record error
702x Device not ready (removable media devices)
704x Device not ready (non removable media devices)
728x Media changed error would not clear
731x Medium format corrupted (format unit interrupted - format must be issued again)
7F0x Format in progress (prior format unit issued being completed)
7F1x Spinup in progress

Q Codes
All error codes with Q = 1 are developed using information returned by either an adapter or device. The Q value defines the origin of the EE code that is reported. Error codes (EE) with Q = 4 or 5 may be reported that are not listed here or can actually have a definition other than that given, depending on the device.

Q Information
2 Command error field of command complete status block returned by the adapter
3 SCSI Status field of the command complete status block or command error field values indicating
software problems (<20H)
4 Sense key value returned by a device
5 Additional sense byte (byte 12) of sense information from device
6 Device error code field of command complete status block
7 Device errors not normally considered an error, but considered an error based on when the code was returned
(medium corrupted error on device with non removable media)

Test Status Codes

T Information
O Not applicable for error code
A Adapter initialization error
B Adapter reset
C Adapter register test
D Adapter buffer test phase 1 (on cached adapters)
E Adapter buffer test phase 2 (on cached adapters)
F Adapter buffer test phase 3 (on cached adapters)
G Adapter buffer test phase 4 (on cached adapters)
H Adapter (buffer enable, buffer size, retry, enable)
I Device assignment sequence
J Device not ready (initial unit attention clearing)
K Device reset
L Device starting phase
M Device in process of starting
N Device block size determination
O Device self-test
P Device single block read (LBA)
Q Device double block read (LBA)
S Error occurred after device testing completed

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