Deskstar IDE or EIDE Hard Disk Drive

(Deskstar Enhanced IDE (ATA-3) HDD Users Guide P/N 84H5140 U.S. March-1997) 

IDE or EIDE Hard Disk Drive - larger than 2.14 GB

Some personal computers exhibit problems when an IDE or EIDE hard disk drive larger than 2.14 GB is installed.
The computer might:

These problems can generally be quickly resolved by using Ontrack Disk Manager software diskettes provided with the drive. In some cases you might have to consult with the computer manufacturer or the BIOS (Basic Input/Output Software) chip manufacturer to aquire a newer BIOS that is compatible with the new larger capacity hard disk drive.

If you are experiencing these problems, refer to the topic titled 'Using Disk Manager to Correct BIOS Limitations'. If the procedure outlined there does not solve the problem, contact the computer or BIOS manufacturer for assistance.


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