Determining What to Do Next

Determining What to Do Next

After complete the hardware installation, you must partition and format the new drive before it can be used.

If the drive you are installing will be the primary drive, the drive that contains the operating system, insert the first operating system installation diskette into the diskette drive, the restart the computer. If you do not have operating system installation diskettes, see the documentation that comes with the operating system.

If the drive will be a secondary drive, make sure the diskette drive is empty, the restart the computer.

Because you cahanged the hardware in the computer, the configuration information must be changed to reflect the hardware changes. Most computers autom. change the information for you, but for some computers you have to make configuration choices the first time you restart after making hardware changes. For most IBM computers, you can see the configuration information during computer startup by pressing F1 when the configuration graphic displays in the upper right corner of the screen.

If the configuration-setup screen does not display, see the documentation that comes with the computer for information on how to access it. Save the changes, exit the configuration program, and do one of the following:

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