ActionMedia II Adapter/A

ActionMedia II Adapter/A (with autom. PAL / NTSC detection)

The Option consists of:

                             FRU P/N      Opt. P/N
  ActionMedia II Adapter/A   69F9733      69F9732
  Capture Adapter            69F9735      69F9734
  Video Cable                69F9737
  Audio/Video Cable          69F9736
  Display CD-ROM Cable       69F9747

NOTE: The ActionMedia II Display Adapter/A requires a 16-bit or a 32-bit expansion slot with a video expansion

When configuring a PS/2 System with ActionMedia II, it may be necessary to limit the utilization of the system expansion slots to avoid the possibility ov overloading the 12 volt power supplies.
If the ActionMedia II Display Adapter/A is being installed with the ActionMedia II Capture Option then, besides the slot for the ActionMedia II Display Adapter/A, it is necessary to have a minimum of either:

Audio/Video Connectors

The Audio Signal  output connector is a 3.5mm standard stereo jack output connector. An amplifier, or active speakers can be attached to the ActionMedia II Display Adapter/A.
The input impedance of the headphones orspeakers should be at least 600 Ohms to match the output impedance. Use of a lower impedance devices may cause a POST error and a reduction in audio quality.

The Audio/Video Capture Connector  (8-way DIN) is only required when the Capture Option is installed.

The Auxiliary Video Output Connector  (4-way DIN) allows to connect the ActionMedia II Adapter to an S-VHS (Super Video Helical Scan also reffered to professionally as Y-C) video recorder or similar device.

NOTE: A cable is not supplied with the option.

The ActionMedia II Video Cable connector  (15-pin) enables the ActionMedia II Display Adapter/A to take the video signals from a normal PS/2 VGA or XGA display adapter, combine it with ActionMedia II video signals, and send the mixed video signal to a PS/2 display.
Depending on the application program, the presentation on the PS/2 display is developed from either:

The default for the ActionMedia II Adapter/A is to pass VGA or XGA video signals to the PS/2 display.

  Ensure that the connectors (black and grey) are correctly connected. Any other cable connection may cause the adapter to malfunction and cause damage to its internal components. BLACK (short cable) end to ActionMedia II and the (longer cable) end with GRAY connector to VGA (System board) or XGA adapter.

 Type of video source     Capture cable connector identification
                          Red      Green     Blue      Yellow

 Composite video 1 (VCR)  Yes      NC        NC        NC
 Composite video 2        NC       Yes       NC        NC
 SVHS (Y/C)               Y        C         NC        NC
 RGB (sync-on-green)      R        G         B         NC
 RGBS                     R        G         B         S

SCART Connector

                        +---\21     COMMON RETURN (shield)
                        |    \----+
  CVBS / LUMINANCE (in) |20       |
                        |       19| CVBS (out)
      CVBS (in)  RETURN |18       |
                        |       17| CVBS (out) RETURN
    FAST BLANKING (RGB) |16       |
                        |       15| RED / CHROMINANCE
                        |       13| RED RETURN
               spare NC |12       |
                        |       11| GREEN
               spare NC |10       |
                        |        9| GREEN RETURN
            Status 16:9 |8        |
                        |        7| BLUE
       AUDIO LEFT  (in) |6        |
                        |        5| BLUE RETURN
    AUDIO COMMON RETURN |4        |
                        |        3| AUDIO LEFT  (out)
       AUDIO RIGHT (in) |2        |
                        |        1| AUDIO RIGHT (out)

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