IBM PS/2 Internal Tape Backup Unit (ITBU)

Part    FRU P/N
   Tape Unit    87F9787 OPT.-P/N 30F5279
   Adapter Cable (Berg 34-Pin)    34F2717
   Adapter Cable Pin-Layout    
   Blank (formatted) Tape    30F5277

ITBU - Description

The IBM PS/2 Internal Tape Backup Unit is an internally mounted product that performs fixed disk backup and restore for the following IBM PS/2 products.

8525, 8530, 8550, 8555, 8560, 8565, 8570, 8580, 9556, 9557, 9576, 9577

The unit allows the user to transfer up to 80MB or 120MB of data from a fixed disk to a removable tape cartridge. The tape drive slides into the Diskette Drive B slot in the PS/2.

The IBM PS/2 ITBU uses a 3.5 Inch mini tape cartridge for operation. The following cartridges are supported:

The Option consists of the following

The tape unit requires the IBM PS/2 ITBU Backup program for operation. This program is not provided with this option. (PCTOOLS V-7.x and other Utilities)

Installing the Tape Unit
Install the Tape Unit in an empty Slot or Tray. Connect the B-diskette drive cable to the ITBU connector. Install the model-required tape cover plate. On the backup copy of the Reference Diskette, install the Diagnose and @ADF-file with the COPY an OPTION diskette function.

Cleaning the Tape Unit Read/Write Head
It is recommended that periodically the ITBU read/write head should be cleaned. The head must be cleaned if there are read or write / format errors or a large number of bad blocks. This should be done by using a cleaner cartridge.

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