IBM 2/4 GB - 4mm Tape Drive

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Testing the 4 mm Tape Unit w/o Using the System.


Status Lights on the 4mm Tape Drive :


FLASH Off Off The Power-On Self Test (POST) is running or the Diagnostic Cartridge is running.
Off Off Off One of the following has occurred:
° The Power is off
° The POST has completed successfully, but no tape cartridge has been inserted.
ON Off Off A tape cartridge has been inserted and the 4mm Tape Drive is Ready to receive commands from the system.
ON FLASH Off The Tape motion and the 4mm Tape Drive is running a device operation or cleaning.
Off Off FLASH The 4 mm Tape Drive has detected an internal fault that requires
corrective action such as a tape cartridge failure, high humidity, or no SCSI terminator.
Off/ON Off/FL ON The tape path requires cleaning or is using a poor quality tape cartridge.

SCSI Drive ID - Jumper Pin Assignment :
(for jumper location, see rear side view - picture)

Address Bit- 4 Bit- 2 Bit- 1
0 No No No
1 No No Yes
2 No Yes No
3 No Yes Yes
4 Yes No No
5 Yes No Yes
6 Yes Yes No
7 Yes Yes Yes

Configuration Switch Settings :
(is located below top cover, under adhesive tape)

Switch # State Definition
1 ON No security - Tape Cartridge can be loaded.
1 Off Security - Tape Cartridge cannot be loaded when system issues PREVENT MEDIA command.
2 ON Reserved MUST be ON
3 ON Data Compression can be used when writing.
3 Off Data Compression cannot be used when writing.
4 ON The Tape Drive will only Write to approved 'DATA GRADE' media.
4 Off The Tape Drive will Write to any media.
WARNING Selecting this option and using unapproved Tape Cartridges
may void warranty and cause errors.
5-8 ON Reserved MUST be ON

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