IBM 20/40 GB Internal DLT Tape Drive (SCSI F/W)

IBM 20 / 40 GB DLT Internal Tape Drive


If you see a blinking STATUS Indicator #2 and the tape does'nt go to a ready status, then maybe you have mounted a tape cartridge with a broken/defective TAPE LEADER.
Such a defective cartridge must be manually removed from the drive, and the Tape Drive-guide must be placed/reseated to the home position, inside the tape drive (by a trained technician).
However, the easy way - before mounting a cleaning/data cartridge - visually check the TAPE LEADER !


1 - 4    Statusindicators
   5    Unloadbutton
   6    Cartridge Insert/Release handle
   7    Select button
   8    Density/Override indicator
   9    Compress indicator
   10 - 13    Tape Capacity indicators

If all indicators are flashing, it indicates a hardware failure in Resetting the Drive  has occurred. Try to reset the drive by pressing the tape UNLOAD button, or turn computer power off, then on again.