IBM PS/2 Image Adapter/A

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Image Adapter/A 1-MB MKT P/N 35G4715
Image Adapter/A 3-MB MKT P/N 35G4716

Image Adapter/A 3-MB + 6091-Cable MKT P/N 35G4717
9527 Cable MKT P/N 95G9906
9521 Cable MKT P/N 95G9907

IBM PS/2 Image Adapter/A and Image-I Adapter/A.

Image Adapter/A

The Image Adapter/A is a high-resolution adapter, capable of driving displays up to 128 MHz, with a maximum screen addressability of 1600x1200 pels. The Driver output impedance for video signals is 75 ohms. The sync. lines of the adapter are TTL levels driven by 4 ma drivers, therefore the termination should at the very least be at 750 ohms.

     The Image Adapter/A is available in three versions:
  1.  The Image Adapter/A 1MB is available with one megabyte of Video Memory (VRAM).  It can be upgraded to three megabyte of VRAM and the Image Adapter/A Memory Expansion Kit.
  2.  The Image Adapter/A 3MB has two megabytes of VRAM and the Image Adapter/A Memory  Expansion Kit already installed.
  3.  The Image Adapter/A 3MB 6091 is the same as the Image Adapter/A 3MB, but also has a cable for  attaching an IBM 6019-019 Color Display.

     The three versions of the Image Adapter/A support IBM analog displays equipped with a 15-pin  direct-drive analog interface.

     It can be installed in any IBM PS/2 Micro Channel system unit, except portable models.

Image-I Adapter/A

The Image-I Adapter/A is a high-resolution adapter, capable of driving displays up to 230 MHz, with a maximum screen addressability of 1600x1280 pels.

The Image-I Adapter/A is available in 3MB only and is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) enabled.

The Image-I Adapter/A supports only ISO refresh rates. It does not support non ISO displays.

It can be installed in all IBM PS/2 system units except portable models. ISO enabled IBM display types - 6091-016, 6091-19i, 1091-051, 4517 and the 9504 Monochrome Display. These displays conform with industry and government standards, such as ISO standard 9241/3.

The display attached to the Image Adapter can show VGA graphics only if the adapter is installed in the AVEC slot. Ideally, the Image Adapter should be installed in the AVEC slot unless this slot is already in use (e.g. with an 8514/A Adapter).

Various Cable P/N

Display Type Cable MKT-P/N Cable Description
6091-016 6091-19i 49G2717 IBM SIMM cable (SIMM connector to 5BNC)
9517 1091-051 49G2718 IBM Connector Converter Cable
1091-051 - No special cable needed
9527 95G9906 IBM SIMM Cable
9521 95G9907 IBM SIMM Cable

6019-019 Display Cable

This cable is required if the Image Adapter/A or the Image-I Adapter/A is supporting an IBM Color Display 6019-019. The cable is supplied with the Image Adapter/A 3MB 6019. The cable must be ordered separately for all others.

Image Adapter/A Options

You can attach optional features only to the Image Adapter/A.

  1.  Printer/Scanner Option.
  2.  Memory Expansion Kit.
  3.  PS/2 Video Memory Expansion Option.

  For a single display configuration, you must always attach the display to the display connector on the Image Adapter/A and not to the system-unit display connector.

Image Adapter/A 15-pin Analog Video Connector.

Pin Color Mode Monochr. Mode
1 Red Video Reserved
2 Green Video Video
3 Blue Video Reserved
4 Display ID 2 Display ID 2
5 Self-Test Self-Test
6 Red Ground Reserved
7 Green Ground Video Ground
8 Blue Ground Reserved
9 +12V fused +12V fused
10 Digital Ground Digital Ground
11 Display ID 0 Display ID 0
12 Display ID 1 Display ID 1
13 External Hsync External Hsync
14 External Vsync External Vsync
15 Display ID 3 Display ID 3

Image-I Adapter/A SIM-Video Connector.

Pin Type No Serial Interface Serial Interface Captured Cable
C1 Coax Red BNC Red 75 Ohm Terminator
C2 Coax Green BNC Green 75 Ohm Terminator
C3 Coax Blue BNC Blue 75 Ohm Terminator
1 TP ID Pin 2 ID Pin 2
2 TP ID Pin 1 ID Pin 1 /Clk Out
3 TP   H.V.S.D.
4 Coax Digital Ground Digital Ground
5 Coax Hsync BNC Hsync
6 TP ID Pin 4 ID Pin 4
7 TP ID Pin 3 ID Pin 3 / Data
8 TP    
9 Coax Vsync BNC Vsync
10 Coax Digital Ground Digital Ground

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