Matrox (PCI) Graphics Adapter (MGA)

Matrox Graphics Adapter - PCI / FRU P/N 06H9074 (with 4MB-WRAM)
Matrox Graphics Adapter - PCI / FRU P/N 75H9227

Matrox (PCI) Graphics Adapter (MGA) Switch Settings

There are two switches on the adapter that are used to change the way the adapter operates.

VGA BIOS Flash Upgrade Enable - Switch 1 

To upgrade the VGA BIOS, use the software utility diskette and BIOS upgrade file.

  1.  Remove the adapter to access the switches.
  2.  Set Switch 1 to ON to allow re-programming of Flash EPROM.

    NOTE: Do not leave this switch ON during normal use, as the  Flash EPROM in this state is susceptible to being erased without warning.

  3.  Reinstall the adapter.
  4.  Follow the instructions supplied with the flash utility.
  5.  Power-off the computer and remove the adapter.
  6.  Set Switch 1 to OFF.
  7.  Reinstall the adapter.
  8.  Remove the flash utility diskette.

VGA Enable/Disable Switch - Switch 2 

By default, the MGA adapter VGA feature is enabled (Switch 2=OFF) for single-screen operation, which means that any other installed VGA must be disabled.

This switch should be set to ON to support a dual-screen configuration. In this case, a VGA adapter in another expansion slot will be used for output to the second monitor.
  1.  Remove the adapter to access the switches.
  2.  Set Switch 2 to ON to enable dual-screen operation.
  3.  Reinstall the adapter.

The following table shows the system resources used by the Matrox MGA Millennium Graphics Adapter.

System Resource Assignment (hex)
ROM C0000-C7FFF (32KB)
(MGABASE2 - (MGABASE2 + 7FFFFF)), 8MB linear frame buffer
I/O (hex) 3B4-3B5, 3BA, 3C0-3C2, 3C4-3CA, 3CC, 3CE-3CF, 3D4-3D5
3DA, 3DE-3DF
IRQ PCI interrupt #2 (typically assigned to ISA IRQ 9 by
POST or can be disabled in the Config./Setup Utility
DMA None

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