IBM 100/10 PCI - Ethernet Adapter

IBM 100/10 PCI - Ethernet Adapter

                                         FRU P/N    OPT P/N
 IBM 100/10 PCI - Ethernet Adapter       25H4383    94G6620
 IBM 100/10 EtherJet PCI Adapter *       86H2423    86H2432
 -- PCI Ethernet Adapters w/o picture and description available
 IBM 10/100 PCI - Ethernet Adapter       25H4837    08L3341
 IBM 100/10 PCI - Ethernet Adapter       08L2550    08L2549
 IBM 100/10 PCI - Ethernet Adapter WOL   08L2566    08L2565
 IBM 100/10 PCI - Ethernet Adapter WOL   85H9928    85H9921
  * WinNT requires Service Pak 5

  If you are replacing a card with FRU P/N 86H2423 then there are no additional requirements.
If FRU 25H4383 is replaced with 86H2423 new DRIVERs (=> V-2.5 / 2-diskettes) are also required. The old diskettes, version 2.3 or prior (and the device drivers on those diskettes), will not work with the new FRU P/N 86H2423 adapter.

Using your browser, go to:

Scroll down and click on Ethernet Adapters , then look for EtherJet 100/10 PCI Adapters.
then download these two diskette images: (The version No. may be higher than 2.5)

If you plan to use the RPL/DHCP option with the adapter you will also need to download this diskette image:

If you are still using the FRU P/N 25H4383 adapter but wish to use the latest driver updates, you can use the v2.5 (or later) diskettes, they are backward compatible with FRU P/N 25H4383 adapter and provide several enhancements in performance and ease of use.


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