TV - Adapter Card (Aptiva 2134-2176)

TV - Adapter Card (Aptiva 2134-2176)

See TV-FRU P/N > Adapter FRU P/Ns

TV Card - Connectors 

J4    Ribbon Cable to System Board
     (System Board VESA Connector)
   J14    Audio Cable to Sound Card

TV Card Software Control

    TV card Display size
 160x120 pixels ------ CTRL+1
 240x180 pixels ------ CTRL+2
 320x240 pixels ------ CTRL+3
 640x480 pixels ------ CTRL+5
 Toggle between full screen .. CTRL+F
 and current size ............ CTRL+F

On-line Help


Select the symptom that best describes the problem and try the suggested solutions. If suggested solution do not solve the problem, replace these components one at a time:

TV Card Symptom    Action
   Video is unstable.    Check that the broadcast standard format is NTSC
     (for U.S., Canada and Latin America).
     Check that the quality of the incoming TV signal
     on another receiver.
   Video is in black    Check the connectors setting to make sure the correct
   and white only.    input (CATV, Composite, or S-Video) is selected for
     video source device.
   No video or audio    Check that the audio and video connectors are securely
     plugged into the correct TV card inputs.
     Check signal cable
     Check that the TV card is securely seated
     in the riser card
   No audio.    Ensure that another Windows audio program is
     not muting the sound.
     Check the signal cable.
   Captured images    If One Field (non interlaced) was captured,
   have jagged edges.    images may appear jagged. Click Both Fields
     in the Video dialog.

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