Convert PC Series 730 or PC750 from MC to ISA Bus

  Convert PC730 or PC750 from MC to ISA Bus (SelectaBus)

The PCI/ISA Selectabus option package contains:

Before you begin You will need backup copies of your:

To install the PCI/ISA SelectaBus option, you must:
  1.  Backup the current software.
  2.  Remove the adapters.
  3.  Update the operating system.
  4.  Update FLASH memory.
  5.  Remove the current (MC) RISER card.
  6.  Remove the expansion-slot assembly.
  7.  Remove the adapter guide bracket.
  8.  Install the new adapter guide bracket.
  9.  Install the new expansion-slot assembly.
  10.  Install the new riser card and adapters.
  11.  Configure the system.

  You must back up all application data stored on the hard disk and have copies of all other installed software not included in the option package.

Before start ISA riser card install, do Disabling Advanced Power Management
  1.  Insert the IBM 700 Series Reference Diskette in drive A
  2.  Start the computer
  3.  At the Main Menu, select Set features and press Enter
  4.  Select the APM BIOS mode line, select Set features and press Enter
  5.  Select Set power management features and press Enter
  6.  Find the APM BIOS mode line, select Disable press F10, and then  press Enter to save. Press Exit (F3) to exit from the screen.)
  7.  Press F3 twice to exit from the IBM 700 Series Reference diskette.
  8.  Remove the IBM 700 Series Reference Diskette from drive A.
  9.  Power-Off the computer.

     IBM's preinstalled software does not require updates to function after conversion to an ISA bus.

SelectaBus (MC to ISA bus) Installation Instruction

NOTE: If passwords are set, they should be disabled prior to converting the system. When the riser card jumper for priviledged-access/administrator password is set to enable, then place this jumper to the disabled position.

  1.  Turn off all attached devices.
  2.  If a modem or fax machine is attached to the computer, unplug the telephone line from the wall outlet and the computer.
  3.  Unplug all power cords. (wall outlet and computer)
  4.  Unlock and open the computer.
  5.  Remove all installed Micro Channel adapters (cables). but not the RISER card.
  6.  Close the computer covers (for safety)
  7.  Reconnect the cables to the back of the computer.
  8.  Plug the power cords into properly grounded electrical outlets.
  9.  Turn the computer on and start the operating system.

     If you have configuration errors, follow the instructions on the screen to correct  the errors, then restart the operating system.

  10.  Shut down the operating system and power off the computer.

      then do the following:

    1.  Insert the IBM 700 Series SELECTABUS Diskette into drive A.
    2.  Turn on the monitor, then the computer.
    3.  On the POST/BIOS Update Utility screen, select a country or language group and press Enter
    4.  On the next screen, select ISA and press Enter
    5.  Press Enter to confirm.
    6.  Type N when prompted if you want to update the serial number.

       When asked for machine Model/Type, use your current machine model/type with the following change:

      •  If the fourth digit is 5, do not change it. Type N
      •  If the fourth digit is 6, change it to 5 by typing Y and entering the new number.

         For example, if the current machine Model/Type is 687643F, change it to 687543F, then press Enter

    7.  Press Enter again to confirm.
    8.  Remove the IBM 700 Series SelectaBus Utility Diskette when a message appears on the screen, indicating that the flash update is complete.

  11.  Turn off all attached devices, then turn off the computer, and unplug the computer.

      Do not plug in the computer again until you have finished installing the riser hardware.

  12.  Remove the cover.
  13.  Remove Adapter Cards
  14.  Remove the cables to the back of the riser card
  15.  Remove the PCI/MC Riser Card
  16.  Remove the rear Panel cover
  17.  Remove the PCI/MC Expansion Slot Assembly
  18.  Remove the PCI/MC Adapter Guide Bracket
  19.  Install the ISA Adapter Guide Bracket
  20.  Install the ISA/PCI Adapter Guide Bracket
  21.  Install the PCI/ISA Expansion Slot Assembly
  22.  Install the PCI/ISA Riser Card
  23.  Reconnect the cables to the back of the riser card
  24.  Install PCI and/or ISA Adapters
  25.  Install the computer cover

Configuring the ISA System

After updating flash memory, installing the PCI/ISA riser card, installing adapters and closing the computer, configure the computer as follows.
  1.  Turn on all attached devices, then turn on the computer.
  2.  During memory test, press F1 for Configuration/Setup Utility.

    NOTE: Do not boot to the operating system at this time.

  3.  Go to Start Options on the Configuration/Setup Utility screen.  Select the Diskette Drive 0 as the first startup device and Hard Disk 0 as the second.
  4.  If you installed legacy adapters  (those are not plug and play  (PNP) adapters), go to ISA Legacy Adapters in the Configuration/Setup Utility and select the computer resources used for these adapters.
  5.  Save the configuration settings before exiting the configuration program even if no changes were made.
  6.  If you are reinstalling the operating system, refer to your operating system documentation for the installation procedures.
  7.  Restart the computer. If there are no errors you have completed the installation of the ISA SelectaBus option.
  8.  If a CD-ROM is installed and is not functioning properly after converting to an ISA bus, you need to re-install your  device drivers.
  9.  If you cannot recover from errors that hang your system, such as trap errors, you must re-install the operating system.

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