PS/2 ServerGuard Adapter

IBM PS/2 ServerGuard Features

The IBM PS/2 ServerGuard Adapter is supported in the following systems:

7546-411/640/641, 8580, 8590, 8595, 9577, 9585, 9590 and 9595

IBM PS/2 ServerGuard Adapter FRU P/N :
FRU P/N 61G3628 ServerGuard Adapter
FRU P/N 33F8354 Backup Battery (3V Lithium)

FRU P/N 71G6222 External Power Control Box (used also with Adv.Syst.Mgmt. Adapter)

ServerGuard Country-specific FRU P/Ns :

Country Battery Pack
7.2V NiCad
External DAA
to Modem Cable
External DAA
to PSTN Cable
Australia     58G4343  
Austria     58G4386  
Belgium 82G4776   58G4346  
Brazil 82G4776      
Canada     43G3398  
Chile     43G3398  
China     58G4332  
Czechoslovakia     43G3398  
Denmark     58G4333  
Finland     58G4334  
France     58G4335  
Germany     58G4347  
Greece     43G3398  
Hong Kong     58G4332  
Hungary     43G3398  
Iceland     58G4336  
Israel     58G4338  
Italy     58G4339  
Japan   N.A. 48G9594 66G0901
Luxembourg 82G4776   43G3398  
Malaysia     43G3398  
Netherlands 82G4776   58G4340  
Norway     58G4334  
New Zealand     58G4332  
Poland     43G3398  
Portugal     43G3398  
Romania     43G3398  
Singapore     43G3398  
South Africa     58G3444  
Spain     43G3398  
Sweden     58G4336  
Switzerland     58G4348  
Taiwan 82G4776   43G3398  
United Kingdom     58G4345  
United States     43G3398  
Yugoslavia     43G3398  
All other
61G3629 92F0287   92F0289

About the ServerGuard Adapter

The rechargeable battery pack is designed to keep the ServerGuard Adapter operational in the absence of computer power. When the computer power is off, the external power control box charges the battery pack. When the computer is on, the computer charges the battery pack. When the computer power goes down, the IBM ServerGuard Adapter:

The ServerGuard Adapter interacts with local and remote consoles through various communication resources (such as a modem, a LAN, or a local server port) to:
Monitoring and Controlling Resources

Operating System Requirements

1. OS/2.0 with CSD or OS/2 2.1 or higher
2. NetFinity Manager for OS/2, NetFinity ServerGuard Services and
IBM PS/2 ServerGuard Mass/2 Monitor

Power Control Box LED Indicator Status


Indicates Action
On   The system is turned on
and is functioning
No action is required
Blinking   The adapter is monitoring
the system
No action is required
Off   One of the following:
The computer power was
turned off for an
extended period of time.
The battery failed.
Recharge the battery.
Push the power override
button and leave the
computer power turned on
for 24 hours.
Replace the battery pack.
  On Cable attached No action is required
  Off One of the following:
The cable is not attached.
The cable is defective.
Power Control box is
Attach the cable.
Replace the cable.
Plug power control box
into wall outlet.

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