Automatic Document Feed (ADF) Color Scanner

(ADF Color Scanner User's Guide P/N 41H9709) 

Automatic Document Feed (ADF) Color Scanner


25H6648 ADF Color Scanner
25H6641 ADF Adapter Card (ISA)
41H9717 Interface Cable

OPTION P/N 25H6629 OADFCSM includes the following

Product Description 

The scanner is a compact desktop unit that loads from the rear. One expansion slot is required for the scanner adapter.
The following is a summary of the scanner features:

Hardware and Software Requirements 

To use the scanner, you need the following minimum hardware and software:

ISA Adapter I/O Address 

For most computers, the factory installed I/O address 270=/H3, is the correct choice.

Adapter Jumper setting 

   °  °  °     °  °  °     °  °  °     °--°  °     °  °  °
                     |        |              |     |
   °  °  °     °  °  °     °  °  °     °--°  °     °  °  °
   370=/H7     270=/H3     330=/H5     230=/H1     360=/H6
   °  °  °     °  °--°
   |     |     |
   °  °  °     °  °--°
   260=/H2     320=/H4

Color Scanner Software Installation 

  1.  Insert the Setup Diskette in drive A
  2.  Go to the Windows Program Manager screen and select RUN from  the File pull-down menu.
  3.  To start the setup program, type:

      A:\SETUP.EXE then press ENTER

  4.  Select Continue and the Scanner Setup screen displays.  the Scanner Setup WELCOME  screen.
  5.  Follow the directions on the Scanner Setup screens to install the software.
     The scanner setup program pauses and displays the line:
    C:\SCANNER\ You can accept this drive and directory for the scanner programs  or you can type your own.
     The setup program also pauses, informs you that the Recognita Plus program for Windows will load, and asks you to insert the  Recognita Plus Setup Diskette.
     Recognita Plus is the OCR package that is included with your scanner.
  6.  Insert the Recognita Plus Setup Diskette and select Continue.
  7.  When you see the installation completion message, close Windows and restart your computer to access the scanner software.

Changing the I/O Address 

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