UPS - Banyan Vines - parallel port connection needs.

UPS - Banyan Vines - parallel port connection needs.

UPS Rating 
The UPS must be rated for at least 450VA and should have a holdup time that rating of no less than 5 minutes.
The UPS capacity must be sized properly for the server's power load to achieve this holdup time.

Type of Relay Contacts 
The UPS must have normally open relay contacts that close during an AC power failure.
No hardware debouncing of this contacts is necessary in hardware because the debauncing is done in software. No external pullup resistor is required on the external AC fail signal.

Recommended UPS Modes 
Banyan recommends an on-line mode UPS or a standard mode UPS with a very short transfer time
(less than 2 ms).

Pinout Connections on PC-Based Servers 
The following schematic shows the pinout connections from the UPS to a 25-pin, D-shell, PC-compatible parallel printer port on VINES Unlimited and VINES SMP servers.


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