IBM 3.5-Inch 4.5GB and 9.1 GB Wide UltraSCSI Hard Disk Drive

IBM 3.5-Inch 4.5GB and 9.1 GB Wide UltraSCSI Hard Disk Drive

The drive is shipped with four jumpers already on the jumper block.
These jumpers are the only ones you need to configure the drive for an IBM system.

Jumper options SCSI ID (address) pins

Note: In the address determination tables, 'off' means jumper is not in place and 'on' means jumper is in place.

50 pin model SCSI ID (address) pins

 -DSA2       -DSA1       -DSA0
   JP2         JP3         JP4        Device ID
   off         off         off          0
   off         off         on           1
   off         on          off          2
   off         on          on           3
   on          off         off          4
   on          off         on           5
   on          on          off          6 *
   on          on          on           7
 * Shipping default ID

68 and 80 pin model SCSI ID (address) pins

 -DSA3    -DSA2    -DSA1    -DSA0
   JP1      JP2      JP3      JP4      Device ID
   off      off      off      off        0*
   off      off      off      on         1
   off      off      on       off        2
   off      off      on       on         3
   off      on       off      off        4
   off      on       off      on         5
   off      on       on       off        6**
   off      on       on       on         7
   on       off      off      off        8
   on       off      off      on         9
   on       off      on       off        10
   on       off      on       on         11
   on       on       off      off        12
   on       on       off      on         13
   on       on       on       off        14
   on       on       on       on         15
 *Shipping default ID for 80 pin drive<br>
 **Shipping default ID for 68 pin drive

Enable auto spin up (JP5)

This jumper controls how the drive starts when power is applied. If the jumper is NOT installed then the file will spin up automatically after power-on reset.
If the jumper IS installed the file will NOT spin up unless the host system issues a 'START UNIT' command to the file.

SCSI terminator on (JP6)

When this jumpers is installed, the on-card SCSI bus terminator is enabled. There is no terminator on the 80-pin model

Unit attention disable (JP7)

When this jumper is installed the drive will not generate a unit attention following a power on reset (POR) or SCSI bus reset.
Any pending unit attention conditions will also be cleared at POR or SCSI bus reset.

Enable TI-SDTR/Enable TI-SDTR/WDTR (JP8)

When the jumper is installed the drive will initiate synchronous data transfer speed negotiation (50,68 & 80 pin) and initiate wide data transfer request (68 & 80 pin) following a SCSI bus reset or power on event.

Auto start delay and delay start (JP9,JP10)

The auto start delay and delay start pins control when and how the drive can spin up, with the combination of auto spin up option (JP5).

When in auto spin up and start delay mode the drive start will be delayed by a period of time multiplied by its own SCSI address.
If auto spin up is disabled, these jumpers will be ignored.

 Disable      Auto      Auto
 auto         start     start
 spin up      delay     delay
 JP5          JP9       JP10      Option
 on           don't     don't     Drive will NOT spin up
              care      care      requires start command
 off          off       off       Spin up immediately
                                  after POR
 off          on        off       Spin up six seconds
                                  multiplied by SCSI
                                  address after POR
 off          on        on        Spin up twelve seconds
                                  multiplied by SCSI
                                  address after POR

Disable SCSI parity (JP11)

When this jumper is installed, the drive's SCSI parity checking is disabled.

External activity (LED) pins (JP12)

The LED pins can be used to drive an external light emitting diode. Up to 8mA of sink current capability is provided. The LED anode must be tied to the current limited +5V source provided on pin # 1 of the option jumper block.
The LED cathode is then connected to the pin # 2 to complete the circuit.

Default setting

The default jumper setting at shipment is as follows.
Jumpers installed on 50 and 68 pin models. 

           JP2 & JP3  SCSI address #6
           JP6        SCSI terminator enabled

SCSI signal connector

The SCSI signal connector is a 50 pin connector meeting the ANSI SCSI specification. The SCSI SCA-80 pin connector conforms to SFF 8046.

NOTE: It is intended that the hard disk drive should only be in electrical contact with the chassis of the system at a designated set of mounting holes. Other electrical contact may degrade error rate performance. As a result of this it is recommended that there should be no metal contact to the hard disk drive except at the mounting holes or the side rails into which the mounting holes are tapped.

To correctly place the jumpers:

  1.  Set up an address as shown in the pictures. The hard drives must have the  highest priority for the SCSI controller attention. Therefore, give preference to 6, then 5, then 4,  and so on.
  2.  Because IBM's SCSI controllers all issue staggered start unit commands to each recognized  SCSI drive, do not place a jumper on the Auto Spin Up position unless you have a third  party controller that does not start your drive.
  3.  Many of IBM's newer systems have an active terminator circuit built into the device end of the  cable. If you see such a device on the end of the cable, you must not enable On-Drive Active Termination on any of the devices on the cable. If your system does not  have an active terminator circuit, be sure that the last device on a 68-pin cable is a 68-pin device,  and that active termination is enabled on only that device.
     (50-pin device converters.) Be sure to enable active termination only on the last device on  the 50-pin cable.
  4.  Store up to two spare jumpers for furter use in the positions as shown in the picture.

You must purchase a pin converter (IBM P/N 01K1326) to use the new 68-pin drive in IBM systems cabled for 50-pin devices. This pin converter is 'keyed', that is, it fits only one way, ensuring correct cable connections. After installation of the pin converter, the drive will run in the SCSI 8-bit mode, and its maximum burst data transfer rate is reduced to be compatible with the highest capability of the cable and the controller.

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