10/20GB NS (TR-5) Internal (IDE, SCSI) Tape Drive

10/20GB NS (TR-5) Internal SCSI Tape Drive


How to (SCSI) jumper - samples
-1- jumper placed on pin 15-16.
-2- jumper in resting position.

SCSI - Jumper Setting

 Jumper on Pins       Description
    15-16             Enable termination power
    13-14             Enable termination
    11-12             Reserved
     9-10             Reserved
     7-8              Enable parity  (default)
     5-6              SCSI ID addr. bit-2 (hex 4)
     3-4              SCSI ID addr. bit-1 (hex 2)
     1-2              SCSI ID addr. bit-0 (hex 1)

SCSI ID Pin Assignment

Pin 5, 6
Bit 1
Pin 3, 4
Bit 0
Pin 1, 2
0 Off Off Off
1 Off Off ON
2 Off ON Off
3 Off ON ON
4 ON Off Off
5 ON Off ON
6 ON ON Off

10/20GB NS (TR-5) Internal IDE Tape Drive


The IDE configuration block pin assignments are:

 Jumper on Pins       Description
     7-8              Reserved
     5-6              MS (master)
     3-4              SL (slave)
     1-2              CS (cable select)

Set the IDE jumper ON for the setting that applies to the IDE configuration.
The tape drive is preset at the factory to slave (SL).

If the computer has one hard disk drive and one IDE controller, configure the tape drive as a slave (SL) by placing a jumper over vertical pins 3 and 4 (ON).
Some hard disk drives might require you to change its jumper setting (master to master with a slave attached) if you attach a second device to the IDE controller.

If the computer has two IDE controllers:
Place the hard disk drives on the primary IDE controller and place the other storage devices (tape drive or CD-ROM drive) on the secondary IDE controller.

If the tape drive is the only device on the secondary IDE controller, configure it as a master (MS) by placing a jumper over vertical pins 5 and 6.

If the tape drive is sharing the IDE controller with another device, configure it as slave (SL) by placing a jumper over vertical pins 3 and 4.

Refer to the computer documentation to see if the computer supports the cable select (CS) setting. Most computers do not use this feature.

The following table lists the available bays for IBM PC IntelliStation professional workstation and desktop PC models.
Some of these computer systems require an additional cosmetic bezel (included) when installing a removable media device such as a tape drive.
Some workstations also might have a lockable door covering the drive bays.
If you are installing the tape drive into any server with a lockable door, you might not be able to close this door whenever the data cartridge is inserted.

Model Bays Available

When installing in the available 3.5-inch bay in the tower model, no additional bezel is available at this time.

10/20 GB NS (TR-5) Tape Drive Specifications

Physical Specifications

 Drive Type            3.5-Inch Mount      5.25-Inch Mount
 Height                 25 mm (1.0 in.)      42 mm (1.6 in.)
 Width                 102 mm (4.0 in.)     147 mm (5.8 in.)
 Length              157.5 mm (6.2 in.)     163 mm (6.4 in.)
 Weight                0.5 kg (1.0 lb)      0.7 kg (1.5 lb)

Power Specifications

                         +12 V dc              +5 V dc
 Voltage tolerance       + or -10 %            + or -5 %
 Operational current     1.8 amps              1.5 amps
 Standby current         0.25 amps             1.0 amps
 Peak                    1.8 amps max          1.5 amps max
 Power sequence          None                  None
 Ripple (peak to peak)   < 100 mV              < 100 mV
 Power user (max)        < 29 watts            < 29 watts
 Standby                 < 8 watts             < 8 watts

Drive Performance

 Capacity              2.0 GB, 900 Oe 400 feet 8 mm cartridge - QIC 3095 format
                       4.0 GB, 900 Oe 740 feet 8 mm (TR4) cartridge - QIC 3095 format
                      10.0 GB, 900 Oe 740 feet (NS20) cartridge - QIC 3220 format
                      (All capacities increased, typically by two, using hardware data compression)
 Effective backup rate (max)       60 MB per minute typical (uncompressed)
 Data transfer rate                489/733/1000 KB per second
 Tape speed for read/write         46, 70, or 94 ips
 Recording method                  Serpentine
 Recording format                  QIC 3220MC, QIC 3095MC
 Recording code                    1,7 RLL
 Error recovery                    Reed Solomon ECC
 Recording unrecoverable errors    Less than 1 in 10 data Mb Environmental Requirements
 Recording media      900 Oe 400 feet 1/4-inch
                      900 Oe 400 feet 8 mm QIC Wide
                      900 Oe 740 feet 8 mm Travan
                      900 Oe 740 feet 8 mm NS20
 Cartridge size       3.2 in. x 2.4 in. x 0.4 in. (81 mm x 61 mm x 10.2 mm)
 Data density         60000 bpi
 Tracks               60 on 1/4-inch media 77 on QIC Wide media
 Synchr.transfer rate  (burst)    5 MB per second maximum
 Asynchr.transfer rate (burst)    5 MB per second maximum

Environmental Requirements
The Tape Drive can be either vertically or horizontally mounted. 

 Specifications        Operational                  Nonoperational
 Temperature           +5° to +45°C                 -40° to +60°C
                       (+41° to +113°F)             (-40° to +140°F)
 Thermal gradient      1°C per minute               20°C per hour
                       (no condensation)            (approx. 36°F per hour)
                       (approx. 2°F per minute)
 Relative humidity     20% to 80% noncondensing     5% to 95% noncondensing
 Max wet bulb temp.    26°C (78.8°F)                No condensation
 Altitude              -1000 to +15000 feet         -1000 to 50000 feet

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