IBM 0275-011 - Color (EPP-port) Image Scanner

Color Image Scanner connected to EPP-port (M/T-0275 Model-011)

                   FRU P/N
  Scanner FRU      10L7472
  Power Adapter    10L7474  (universal)
  Scanner Cables   10L7476
                   OPT P/N
  EMEA             10L7481
  Denmark          10L7489
  Italy            10L7487
  South Africa     10L7473
  Swiss            10L7483
  U.K.             10L7485
  Sweden           N.A.

Option includes

The IdeaScan Color Flatbed Scanner comes with the PhotoStudio Suite and Textbridge Classic 2.0 OCR software needed to scan images and convert pages to text. The PhotoStudio Suite includes:


This scanner is not compatible with the Cannon BJC-620 printer.


Technical Information 
   Unit weight    3.5kg (7.7lb) including adapter
   Unit size    3.8-Inch high x 17.5-Inch long x 11.6-Inch wide
     (95.5mm x 445.2mm x 295.2mm)
   (Gray color) Parallel port cable (4.0-ft)  

Solving Problems
   Green light on switch    This is normal during scanning or when the scanner
   is blinking    buttons are enabled in EZ Station.
   Software will not    You must have an administrator account to install
   install on Windows NT    the scanner software.
   No scanner power    Verify that the green light on the scanner sitch is on.
   Scanner does not respond    Reset the computer (turn it off and on).
     Be sure that the imaging application Select a Source
     parameter is set to IBM Scanner (011).
     Check for proper attachment of all scanner cables. Reattach cables
     if necessary.
     Your scanner will not operate if you have connected the scanner
     cable to your computer serial port.
   Scanner buttons do    Be sure that the EZ Station applications is running on the desktop.
   not work    Be sure that you have selected Enable Buttons on the
     EZ Station window.
     Firmly press and hold button for approximately one second.
   Poor quality scan image    Check the Windows display properties. Set color palette to
   on your screen.    16-bit or 24-bit
   Vertical lines in the    Clean the scanning glass, scan again, and recheck the image.
   scan image  
   Image too dark or to light    Check the contrast and brightness settings in the TWAIN program.
   Scanned image is    Check the software brightness adjustment in the TWAIN program.
   solid black  
   No scan image on    Check the scanner power and attached cables.
   the monitor  
   Scanner scans very    Try setting the resolution of the scanner between 100 and
   slowly    300 dpi. Too high a setting slows down performance.
     Set the Parallel Port Mode to EPP (CPU-BIOS settings.)
     (enhanced parallel port).
     Set the scan speed in the TWAIN program to seed mode 
   Mouse cursor seems slow    Go to the EZ Station application and Disable the scanner buttons.
   Cannot print to printer    Check that the printer cable is properly secured to the printer and scanner.
     Make sure the printer is turned on. Try disabling the EZ station buttons by
     selecting Disable Buttons on the EZ Station panel.
   Mouse, keyboard, or    Upgrade the printer port or controller to an EPP interface.
   diskette drive does    Change the BIOS settings to EPP and the EPP address to 278 or 378.
   not work.  
   Scanner light source    The scanner light source is designed to stay on all the time.
   stays on all the time    Use the scanner power switch to turn off the scanner light.

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